Post Season Meeting Dec 9th

  The VCSXC League will hold it’s post season meeting on Friday, December 9th, 4:00-5:00pm at Mile 26 in Ventura.  One representative from each participating school is encouraged to be in attendance.  Please submit any agenda items to...

Tigres Sign Ups Coming – December 10th!!!

Tigres Youth Track sign ups are going to be taking place on December 10th for new athletes.  The roster fills up very quickly (within a couple hours for some age groups), so please let your athletes and their families know they can’t wait if they are interested....

Top 25 Medals for Championship

My Apologies for not having the medals for the Championship race today.  They have been ordered and will be distributed to the winners once we receive them. Thanks, Joy

Fillmore Meet Canceled Today!!!

Just got confirmation: City has closed the park due to flooding, Fillmore meet is OFF. Sorry, everyone!!!! We sure need the rain, but wish it had been tomorrow. Sorry, again!!!!

ELEMENTARY ONLY – New Rosters Due by Thursday @ 3:00!!!

Due to the Championship race format, we will need to submit a (somewhat) new excel file to Josh. If you take the roster you submitted at the beginning of the season, add any new additions that were not on the original roster and add two columns – Bib #, and Division –...