Our League Championship will take place tomorrow at Arroyo Verde Park.  All athletes who have competed in at least 4 regular season meets (predict-a-time counts) are eligible to compete.  Coaches, please verify that your participants have completed this requirement. The races will be as follows:

3:00 – Elementary JV Girls

3:15 – Elementary JV Boys

3:30 – Elementary Varsity Girls

3:45 – Elementary Varsity Boys

4:00 – MS Girls

4:30 – MS Boys

Individual awards will be given to the top 25 in each race.  Team awards will be given to the top boys/girls MS and Elementary teams based on the sum of the top 5 runners from each school.

Few reminders:

Parking:  The parking is very tight at Arroyo.  Please allow time to park outside the park.  There is NO parking on grass or fire lanes.  

There are many teams responsible for hosting this meet.  Please know your job and be prepared with the correct number of volunteers and any materials you might need.