Mound and City Christian are hosting our first League meet this Friday at Arroyo Verde Park.  Mound is responsible for setting up the course, starting the races, and providing course monitors for the Elementary races. City Christian and Anacapa are responsible for the course monitors for the Middle School races.

Elementary (Pool A) will race at 3:00 (girls) and 3:15 (boys)

Elementary (Pool B) at 3:30 (girls) and 3:45 (boys)

MS will follow with races at 4:00 (girls) and 4:30 (boys)


Parking is VERY limited at Arroyo, please plan accordingly and allow yourself enough time to park outside the park.  There is absolutely NO parking on grass or unmarked spots permitted.


As we discussed at our meeting on the 11th, there is a new course for both ES and the MS race (two loops of the Elementary). Please be aware of course markings and do not set up camp on the course.  Elementary – the MS races will immediately follow your races, please be aware of the course and athletes when packing up and leaving the park.

Arroyo-Verde-2018-ES and MS-Course


Bibs will be available for pickup from the timing tent.  Please allow yourself enough time to distribute before the race.


The league is no longer providing the small dixie cups of water at the races. Please remind your athletes to bring their water to the race.


Before you leave with your team, please check your area for trash.


**Meet notes provided by Kristin Daw