League Rules

The meet rules that apply are based on schools participating in the meet.  Click to expand accordingly.

West Only Schools = West Rules
East Only Schools = East Rules
West & East Schools = Co-League Rules

WEST Rules



Ventura County School XC League (West)

  1. Member teams must:
    1. Pay League fees by the pre season meeting.
    2. Meet all District requirements (VUSD or home district if not VUSD)
    3. Host or co-host a meet
    4. Send a representative to the pre-season meeting held 2 weeks prior to the first meet and attend post-season meeting held 2 weeks after Championship meet.
    5. Follow all league rules.
    6. If requirements are not met or rules are not followed, schools can be removed from the league by majority vote.
    7. Provide necessary equipment, volunteers and other resources to ensure safety of team competitors at both practices and meets.
    8. Be part of VUSD if participating in the Elementary division.
    9. Elementary age limits are 4-5 (exceptions noted with *)

Existing Middle School Teams

  • DATA
  • Balboa
  • Cabrillo
  • Anacapa
  • Oak Grove
  • City Christian
  • Fillmore
  • Matilija
  • Sunset
  • Missionary
  • Our Lady of Assumption
  • Briggs
Existing Elementary School Teams

  • Poinsettia *
  • Mound*
  • Serra*
  • Pierpont
  • Lincoln
  • Montalvo
  • Sunset
  • Loma Vista
  • Will Rogers


  1. League officials are as follows:
    1. Middle School Commissioner (Mary Jones)
    2. Elementary School Commissioner (Torrey Kightlinger)
    3. Meet Director(s) – Hosting school’s head coach
    4. League Member at Large – A representative from each hosting team
    5. Must be identified at the Post-Season Meeting for the upcoming season. Any change in representative during the season must be submitted to the Middle School and Elementary School Commissioners.
  1. Voting process
    1. A simple majority of League Members at Large is required.
    2. There must be more than 50% of League Members at Large in order for a vote to take place.
  1. Post-Season Meeting
    (Approximately 2 weeks after the Championship meet, a League meeting takes place to:)

    1. Resolve any issues from the previous season
    2. Propose any new rules for voting
    3. Present names for League Member at Large for each School team.
    4. Vote on any teams applying for membership for the upcoming season
    5. Propose hosting schools for upcoming season
  1. Pre-Season Meeting
    (Approximately 2 weeks before the first meet of the season, a League meeting takes place to:)

    1. Finalize schedule for upcoming season
    2. Vote on any new rules proposed at the Post-Season Meeting
    3. Submit rosters
    4. Pay league fees
  1. League Fees
    1. Each participating school must pay $300 – $400 (depending on team size) in league fees. This amount is due by the pre-season meeting held 2 weeks prior to the first meet.
    2. Fees will be used to obtain permits for meets and provide timing, results and awards.
  1. Competitors:
    1. Must be enrolled at a member team school.
    2. Must be clearly marked with a uniform (p.e. , spirit, or xc uniform) from that team.
    3. Must run with their appropriate division.
    4. Runners in grades K-5 will run with the Elementary Division.
    5. Runners in grades 6-8 will run with the Middle School Division.
    6. Must be cleared to participate according to their District and School policies
  1. Meet set up
    1. Host teams are responsible for set up of the meet including:
    2. Measuring the course
    3. Clearly marking the course
    4. Marking a start line wide enough to accommodate all participating teams
    5. Marking a finish line and creating a finishing chute long enough to accommodate all finishing athletes
    6. Providing water for finishing athletes
    7. Providing volunteers to monitor the course and auto traffic to ensure safety for all competitors
    8. Co-Host Teams must provide support for all aspects of Meet Set Up as agreed upon with Host team
  1. Race Distances
    1. Middle School courses will be approximately 3000 meters
    2. Elementary School courses will be approximately 1 mile.
  1. Race times
    1. Elementary Girls A – 3:00
    2. Elementary Boys A – 3:15
    3. Elementary Girls B – 3:30
    4. Elementary Boys B – 3:45
    5. Middle School Girls – 4:00
    6. Middle School Boys – 4:30
  1. Scoring
    1. Scores will be determined by adding the places of a team’s top five finishers.
    2. The lowest score wins
  1. Championship meet
    1. Will take place at Arroyo Verde Park/li>
    2. Race times will be:
      1. Elementary JV Girls – 3:00
      2. Elementary JV Boys (both A and B) – 3:15
      3. Elementary Varsity Girls – 3:30
      4. Elementary Varsity Boys – 3:45
      5. Middle School Girls – 4:00
      6. Middle School Boys – 4:30
    3. Only athletes who have competed in at least 4 regular season meets are eligible.
    4. Team awards will be given to the top Girls/Boys Middle School and the top Girls/Boys Elementary School
    5. Individual awards will be given to the top 25 in each race.
  1. Conflict resolution
    1. If Issues/protests that arise at the meet, must be brought to the meet director.
    2. The meet director along with the commissioners (Elementary and Middle School) will resolve the issue.
  1. Rule amendments and additions
    1. Rule amendments and additions need to first be proposed at the post-season meeting, then voted on by Members at Large at the pre-season meeting.
    2. Voting rules will follow the voting process in Rule 3.
EAST Rules
CO-LEAGUE Rules (EAST & WEST Combined Meets)