Unfortunately, the VEP grant that we have received the past 3 years was not awarded this year. Therefore, the entire amount of league fees ($300) is required from each participating school. However, we have been given an opportunity with the Mountains to Beach Marathon on May 27th (Memorial Day weekend) to participate in a cheer station competition. The idea is to set up on a designated place on the course and cheer for runners. Tigres has participated in this event in the past and the kids have a great time! This opportunity will be given to the first 10 teams to reply to Mary Jones. Here are the details:

  • Your team provides 15 energetic volunteers (can be a mix of adults and kids) to stay the entire time.
  • 1 captain or coach to manage your 15 volunteers
  • Provide signs (Pinterest has lots of great ideas), otter pops, candy, music, etc. (anything to be memorable)

The team voted first will receive a $3000 prize. If awarded this, it would pay for your team league fees. Second place is 1500, if awarded this, each team would have a remainder of $150 in league fees.

More details about the hours (approximately 5 hours) and location will be given once available.